Biesse S.P.A. (Italy)-High Tech Machines

In over 40years, this company is considered as unique and famous brand in Italy and the entire Europe in the field of providing and developing high technology and high quality machineries at reasonable prices like CNC machines, Beam Saw, Lipping machines, Automatic boring for all levels and kinds of wood working production along with packing machines. It also tries to take the lead in this industry by innovating annually their machines.

Nabuurs Developing S.L. (Spain)-Solid Surface Machines

This company is well known in Spain and other areas in Europe in over 30 years for manufacturing state of the art heating and pressing machines for solid surface  materials which is used in kitchens and toilets.


Viet Italia S.R.L. (Italy) - Sanding Machines

It is one of the well established companies in Italy for the past 60 years in providing sanding machines in the Europe and worldwide and is now a part of Biesse Company.

Steton S.R.L.  (Italy)-Traditional Machines

In over 50 years, this company is a leader in manufacturing of wood working basic machines, hot presses, PVC presses and is considered one of the first companies in Italy which manufactures all kinds of machines necessary in all joineries, small, medium and large factories.

Makor (Italy)

Being one of the leading companies in producing wood working painting machineries has expanded its branches in USA and Europe for the past 60 years.


Coral  S.P.A. (Italy) , Anti-pollution Systems

 For over 50 years, one of the well established company in manufacturing machineries which aids the environment and has an anti pollution system which is now in demand in the market. They also produce huge range of dust collecting bags, spray booth and powder coating lines.


Virutex (Spain)-Wood working Power Tools

 This company is well known for manufacturing power tools, portable tools which makes production easier.


B.U.P., OMAS & Others

They specialize in providing blank serrated knives, boring and router bits, circular saw blades,  laser cutting Machines, water jet machines, and all tools required in wood working and aluminium factories.