3+1 Axis Aluminume Profile CNC Drilling , Milling machining center with ATC

1. It is suitable for drilling, milling, tapping, round hole, special-shaped hole and plane carving of aluminum alloy profiles.

2. It Adopts Han’s PA CNC system,which makes sure smooth running of machine.

Sheet Slitting Machine

Sheet Slitting Machine

Large slitting machine:automatic lamination,vertical and horizontal cutting,improve operation safety,reduce operators.One equipment can cooperate with three semi-finished product processing lines.

5 Axis Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center

Suitable for processing and production of complex aluminum profile structural parts such aslarge and medium mold manufacturing,ship, photovoltaic, aerospace,rail transit, automobile anti-collision beam, aluminum window door and curtain wall etc.

4 Axis CNC Processing Center for Aluminum Profile

1 Taiwan Syntec control system, distinct interface, easy operation.

2 With professional CAM software, according to the settings, clamping placed automatically,moving automatically, realized high efficient three-dimensional 4 axis processing.

CNC 4 Heads Corner Crimping Machine

CNC 4 Heads Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminium Profile

cnc crimping machine for high crimping accurace , When the actual size is the same with the set size,the machine moves to the set size and finishes crimping work.Under this case,the crimped frame size is the same with the set size.

Aluminume Profile CNC Milling and Drillng Machine for Windows and doors

1. Applicable for drilling holes,milling groove,circular hole,irregular-shaped and keyhole and plane engraving of aluminum profile.

2. It Adopts Kunluntongtai CNC system,which makes sure smooth running of machine